duminică, 25 august 2013

Choosing a sport that will suit you

This topic is very interesting,as it's highly debated.Everyone encourages people to join their sport and so on...it all depends on what you want from yourself and,very important,your personality! I will review 1 sport per day,so you'll have a more detailed look on the subject As the first nominated sport we have *drum sounds*....Soccer,the titan sport of the western Europe!
Very competitive,very hard sport to master.22 players on the soccer field(which is about 100m long),divided into 2 teams.Each team has a goalkeeper,that defends its goal(man i feel like captain obvious here)and the rest of the players are:defenders,midfielders,and attackers.The goal of the game is scoring more goals than the opposite team in 90 minutes+injury time Why would you choose footbal/soccer?1.It...is...exhausting.The sprinting,the quick agile turns,the hard shots and the powerful tackles will ultimately improve your physical condition. 2.The atmosphere.If i would have to decide between watching soccer and watching a game of golf,i would laugh like a creepy hobo in Tiger Wood's face(sorry golf fans but it really makes me go to sleep) 3.You can play it pretty much everywhere,in every open field with a spherical object and 1 friend(optional)

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